Sony KDL40S5500 Review: 40 Inch Full 1080p High Definition LCD Television | Movies and Television

The Sony KDL40S5500 is an LCD television set that contains a lot of exciting, high-technology features. It allows you to watch movies and television in truly superb High Definition detail, as it provides 1920 x 1080 resolution. The viewer can also enjoy amazingly clear, real-life images through the BRAVIA Engine 2′s picture enhancement technology. Here are the other perks of owning the KDL40S5500.Powered By the BRAVIA Engine 2The BRAVIA Engine 2 technology provides cutting-edge technologies, such as advanced Contrast Enhancer and innovative noise reduction properties. This advanced television technology also provides four new image processing stages. In addition, the BRAVIA Engine 2 also combines full digital signal processing across different signals, which often results to amazingly life-like and clear colours, and provides the best and most natural tones. When viewing your favourite movies and TV show, the colours are truly deep and detailed, and the brightness and contrast are sharp, crisp and in full detail.

Adjust the Sound and Picture Setting, Thru Scene SelectUsing the Scene Select feature, you can easily adjust and reset the picture and sound of your television set, and even alter it according to the scene that you are currently viewing, with a flick of a button on the remote control. Users can also choose from a wide array of options, which include Sports, Cinema, Game and others. The Scene Select feature ensures that the sound and picture settings truly accentuate and reflect the content.Providing a Host of Energy-Saving FunctionsThe Sony KDL40S5500 also offers a wide array of eco-friendly energy-saving functions. This includes Idle TV Standby, PC Power Management, Power Saving and Light Sensor. Each of the energy-saving features is very easy to access, and all you need is to click on a single button.Turn Your TV into A Digital Camera Display, With USB Photo ViewerAnother wonderful quality of the Sony KDL40S5500 is that you can easily turn the TV’s giant screen into a digital camera display, through the USB Photo Viewer option. By connecting your Cybershot, SLR digital camera or USB card reader, the USB Photo Viewer has customizable settings, which allow you to share and adjust your photos, and you can also create photo albums and slide-show presentations, as well as add your favourite photo as a standby screen saver.

Enjoy Real-Life Cinematic Experience with 24p True CinemaTo allow you and your family to enjoy a truly real-life cinematic experience, the Sony KDL40S5500 also includes the 24p True Cinema option, which plays movies at 24 frames per second, just like the way it plays on the big screen. Conventional TV sets on the other hand, are only able to play movies at 25 frames per second. The television also includes an adjustable wall bracket, for hassle-free wall mounting anywhere at home. This TV set, along with other BRAVIA models, offers many power-saving features, which are bracketed under Eco Settings, which are easily accessible from the TV Menu. It also comes with a PC Power Management Mode, which switches the television set to standby, especially if no signal is received from a computer within 30 seconds.

Can the A-Team Invigorate and Save an Uninspiring Hollywood Landscape? | Movies and Television

Is there a shortage today of creative script writing talent in Hollywood?Have all the creative script writers in Hollywood who used to deliver quality shows suddenly become senile or heaven forbid extinct?Are these one time creative minds now drawing social security payments instead of cash payments for wonderfully written plays and scripts?Is Jerry Bruckheimer the only television/ movie producer alive today who can offer both movie and television audiences shows that are creative, entertaining, enticing and money making?There is a popular expression used by street people, “what goes around comes around.” I always thought that this loosely translated into, “every dog has his or her day.” Fido beware.

Back in the day it was a warning that if you messed around with someone today that messing around aspect would come around another day and bite you big time on your butt. It could be considered a psychological boomerang effect.It seems to me now that the creative geniuses in Hollywood have somehow morphed that expression into a totally new meaning. It appears that these men of often time limited insight and imagination have deluded themselves into seriously believing that a concept that worked well years ago will magically work again Golly, formula movie making does exist.They apparently believe that a younger, more sophisticated audience of movie goers starving for entertainment will eagerly rush to the box office, lay down their hard earn money and enjoy a movie that was once a popular weekly drama their parents enjoyed.One show that readily fills the bill is The A-Team. The one time mesh of on screen characters and real life personalities made that show a success. Hannibal, Face Man, Murdoch and of course Mr T brought action, suspense, drama and entertainment into our homes every week.The only special effects the team had 25 years ago were talent, charisma, chutzpa and well written scripts. Many devoted fans stayed glued to their television screens years ago to encourage the team to success.

I think that this newest version of the A-Team will be a success and fuel a few movie sequels of its own. Hopefully the show will return to the airwaves to save television viewers from the endless line of cheaply made reality show spinoffs now polluting the air waves.A-Team fans from years ago perhaps tend to idealize their favorite characters and will be a bit more skeptical of the current cast of characters attempting to fill the team’s bigger than life shoes.Let us hope that fans of the original team will not be disappointed and that talent not cinematic special effects dominate the story line and resurrect the memory of a special A plus team of actors.